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Tips & Advice

The Ten Biggest Mistakes You Can Make When Moving

Ten biggest mistakes when moving

Millions of Americans move every year (by some estimates, about 1 in 10). Moving is considered to be one of the biggest stressors people face (yes, right up there with death and divorce), and most people make their moves harder by not doing the correct planning, research and preparation. Most mistakes can be put in one of these nine categories...Read More

Can You Judge A Moving Company By The Estimator?

Can you judge a moving company by the estimator

The answer is, absolutely! It's a great place to start. Trust your gut. If you feel that an estimator is spending time with you, asking you questions about the details of the move, answering your questions with ease and patience you may have a good company backing him up. He or she should have no hesitation answering the following questions from you...Read More

Should I Be Using A Moving Broker?

Should I be using a moving broker?

Have you ever used a travel agent to book a flight or a cruise? Have you ever used Expedia or Have you ever Googled? Have you ever used Ebay? Have you ever used a real estate agent or a broker to buy a house? Have you used a designer or decorator to help you pick out furniture for your home? The answer is probably yes to all or most of the above...Read More

Do You Need A Mover?

Do you need a mover?

With so many choices available when it comes to moving help, we thought you might want to know about your options. There are basically three kinds of moving services. Full-service is perfect for you if you are going more than 100 miles or if your time or physical restraints are such that the labor and driving would be best if someone else does it for you...Read More

Understanding Your Quote

Understanding your quote

Moving is stressful, so the first step in ensuring a pleasant move is finding the right mover. The first two rules of getting accurate quotes are: 1) to speak to the mover or estimator, and 2)make sure you get that quote in writing. Many movers go online to get quotes and then request that all the quotes be sent to them by email without speaking to an estimator...Read More