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Cancellation Policy

I agree to pay the total charges for moving coordinator services to be provided by Nationwide Relocation Services (the "Company"). I understand that my deposit/fee represents only a portion of my total estimated service charges. For scheduling and routing purposes my deposit/fee is not refundable, unless I notify the Company at 888-219-7171 ext 520 of my intent to cancel the estimate, change my pick up date, or place the move on hold, at least 5 business days (Saturday, Sundays and Holidays not included) prior to the pack or load date (whichever applies) listed above.

I understand that if I cancel my move less than 5 days prior to the scheduled pack or load date and the truck has not arrived at the pick-up location than I am only entitled to receive a credit of my deposit for future interstate moving services to be used by the cardholder within a 12 month period from the date of cancellation. If I cancel my move less than 5 days prior to the scheduled pick-up or load date and the truck has arrived to attempt services then I am not entitled to a refund or a credit of my deposit/fee. All credit card refunds will be processed on my next billing statement.